I am a investor turned Mortgage Broker. Helping others and liked-minded people build up their real estate portfolio and also helping myself in the process. So if you want to build up your multiple property portfolio, talk to me and I would be glad to help.

Being a Mortgage Broker is a very Secondary "job" when the business comes I will still provide very good service. People that used my "Mortgage Broker" service before knows I am not pushy at all. You think carefully after discussion of your True calculated borrowing power, if you decided, I'll try and help. Else It's ok. Because this Secondary "job" is there mainly to help myself because of the Multiple Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate Portfolio and Multiple Businesses needed financing. and I know how I can get Financed.

Most of my income and Networth is from years of accumulation in Investments. Shares Portfolio, Residential Real Estate Portfolio, Commercial Real Estate Portfolio and Multiple Positive Cash Flow Businesses.

Before, I felt that the banker did not provide me with the options to expand my real estate portfolio. Hence why I became a mortgage broker. There is a saying GOD help those who help themselves. I saw light to the end of the tunnel when I realize there are actually like over 30 lenders

When you are maxed out with one lender, there are other lenders who would lend because of different credit policies.

Have been investing since young, read Warren buffet's books, and wish I had started earlier. The miracle of compounding.

Anthony Robbins Said in a Seminar for Financial Freedom" The only way for anyone to build wealth is to spend less than you earn and invest the difference wisely."

Robert Kiyosaki said to hold more things that will put money in your pocket. Meaning owning Assets, a house can be an asset and liability. But if it's a Positive cash flow House, it's an asset. Most importantly to create multiple streams of passive income.

Now that I am a Mortgage Broker, using my past 18 years of investing knowledge, and using knowledge from the experts and inspiration, slowly growing the portfolio and meanwhile helping people in structuring the Home loans for the best possible outcome.


Bachelor of Commerce(Accounting and Finance)

Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management


The Function of a Mortgage or Finance Broker has changed over the years. We have to think outside the box, create strategies for clients. Give clients the whole picture + Future picture in order for the clients to stick with you for the long term. Provide Good Prompt Service is one of many ways to stay ahead of competitors. I am going to be in Business for the long term like my Mentor Daniel he has been in business for over 18 years. After 4 years in business, I must have absorbed at least 8 years of his experience. Therefore almost any residential loan situation I would be able to do it smoothly. Finding clients the best deal to get the most amount of money @ the lowest possible rate matching to their circumstances is absolutely crucial. Gone are the days you go to one bank and get a loan, nowadays with so many changes in regulations and credit policy, one when buying a home or buying an investment property would absolutely need a Mortgage Broker, We know the stuff We know which bank does what best, and we provide the best possible service because we are the business owners. The ones @ the bank are employees.

Like any business, we have to treat every client the same prompt service Which you will hardly get in Australia. Quality and prompt service are essential to staying ahead of competitions. We have to be on the ball every time! because happy customers mean, word of mouth marketing for me this is how my business thrive over the years

Prompt service I mean, returning your calls asap, returning your emails asap, letting you know updates and progress of the loan as soon as I get it. If not I will proactively contact the lender to know what is going on. That's what I find, by doing that client that have used me will always remember me and introduce me to their friends and family.

With that plus the good understanding of credit policies for 95% of most financial situation, I can effectively provide you sound advice throughout the process, + added bonus plan for your next property purchase.

Mortgage broking also gives me the flexibility to tailor my work around family life if needed. Most importantly I can have the flexibility to manage my co-founded Real estate investment company and trust.

Confucius said" You need to apply what you learnt" and I did, I have helped many First Home buyers and investors and also myself



Getting your loan done right the first time and promptly. One of my habit to keep clients happy is to direct you to the cheaper possible option to suit your current financial situation.

Most loans I have done have a Mortgage Interest offset account. Given the low-interest rate environment that mortgage offset account, is essentially your new "Savings" account, Instead of getting interest, you are saving on interest, which essentially helps you pay off your loan faster.

Could have been more reviews, It was until later stage of the business to implement a review system for clients.


Mortgage Broking

As a Finance Broker, I assist and provide you with the most suitable loan solutions. I am responsible for submitting and processing loans, assessing the financial situation, tailor to your needs and providing advice throughout the process

  • Aptitude for numbers and calculations93%
  • Sound judgement83%
  • Perseverance and motivation91%
  • Good negotiation skills88%
  • Strong attention to detail91%
  • Good communication skills89%


Skills & Endorsements from my linkedin

  • Finance
  • Investments
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Portfolio Management
  • Loans
  • Credit
  • Refinance
  • Relationship Management


Good communication skills


Language, Bilingual English and Mandarin


Emails, Going Paperless is the Goal


Speak to me, You can catch me on mobile 80% of the time


Face to Face, After the Initial Phone assessment, You will most likely be satisfied and emails from that on. We will Definitely meet during the transaction especially during Mortgage Documents signing.

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