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24 July 2015
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2 December 2015


Investment Loans

Most Bigger banks have up their rates, hence why in today’s day and age, we cannot just rely on just a few banks.

WIth a Finance Broker, we have options, if you are looking for cheap Investment Home Loans, You found it, There are products provided by different arms of BIG banks doing cheaper int% If you pay P+I for investment loans? We can get rates in the low 4s%  like any other Home loan rates.

As a Finance Broker and Multiple Active Real Estate Investor myself, I Myself is also looking to lower my cost of borrowing. Constantly looking for the cheaper alternatives. Don’t be afraid to try other banks or lenders. It’s investment after all, If the Home you are living in, maybe we want to stick to a bank you are comfortable with. WHen it comes to investment, Numbers talks, cheapest interest rates don’t necessarily give you the best borrowing power. We have to strike a balance on WHO is willing to lend you the money you need and at the cheapest possible rates.

Many of my clients who don’t mind paying P+I for investment because their property was bought long time ago it’s already positive cash flow, and Rent will cover P+I repayments anyway. So they pay P+I for investment loans too to get cheap rates. Int only rates are almost certainly more expensive.

Plus there is also factors of LVR, the best rates are in the 80% LVR.

Well we must find ways to cash out more from your current property have that 20% for your investment if you want cheap rates.

Different people need different strategies, some super high income, higher int% doesn’t bother them.

But Remember I am here to save you some money, by offering you alternatives. A Dollar saved is a dollar earn 🙂

Are you buying an investment property?

A variety of lenders offer investment property loans but they may not all fit your specific investment goals and risk profile. I am a multiple property investor myself. Tell me your great ambition I want to hear it. I will tailor fit and come up with an attack plan to clear the obstacles that might be hindering you achieving what you want.

By gearing your property portfolio with the right loans you can maximise your borrowing capacity, extend your interest only periods and reduce the size of your deposits. Different individuals have different scenarios. We have more than enough banks on our panels to suit your needs.

This means that you can probably buy more investment properties and achieve your investment targets faster! I will always be there for you. Keeping a lookout for you, keep you updated help you save on interest by looking for the best possible low rate loan to suit your situation.

Are you buying an investment property?

There is a lot of changes for loans for investment property, the only way is to call me and talked to me about your plans and we will try and work something out.

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