N Naik – Past client

Jaclyn E – Past client
20 April 2015

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N Naik :

I got my home loan approved by a gentleman known as Victor Foo from Loan Market. I have to say
that without a doubt Victor is the most knowledgeable mortgage broker I have ever met. Me and my
wife were looking for a house for a few months rocking up at house inspections on Saturdays. Since
we were relatively new to the property market, we weren’t sure what to expect, what to prepare for ­
starting from the budget, interest rate, deposit, insurance.

Questions like, would I get locked in for a higher interest rate for years together? Am I getting the best interest rate? Value for money? The more I kept thinking about it, the more these words start to blend in. After one such house inspections, I got in touch with Victor Foo to really re­assess our financial situation and seek some expert advise. Victor came to my house the very next day and he gave a full assessment of what is within our reach.

The next week, we starting our search looking for houses within that budget recommended by Victor. For our peace of mind, we had got a conditional approval from MeBank. Over the next couple of weeks, after the house inspections, we occasionally called up Victor with more questions and every time he patiently answered the questions. On some occasions, we called him around 8pm on weekdays and also on Sundays and every time, he patiently answered all our questions to our satisfaction.

On one lucky Saturday, we found the house of our dreams and sent the documents to
Victor to get the ball rolling on the final finance approval. The entire process was so smooth and efficient. The conditional approval made things a lot easier as we knew that all our financial
documents had already been checked out. Victor also got us a property report with the estimated
market value of the house so we knew we would not be overpaying.

I am so happy that I made the decision to go with Loan Market and seek the expert advise and
consulting services of Victor. I highly recommend him :­)